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Anne Lewis she/her

I am an educator and an advocate for public-involvement and community science, working at the intersection of people, nature, climate, and science. I am the PI on the MacroBlitz project, leading a team of National Geographic explorers to empower educators from the Canadian forests to Chilean Patagonia to teach how to survey aquatic macroinvertebrates using iNaturalist as a data platform. My scope of work includes professional and curriculum development on water, soil, and grasslands. I facilitate and advocate for braiding Indigenous ways of knowing and Western STEM in my work.

Lillie Daniel She/her

AmeriCorps Environmental Educator and Lab Technician

Senior, Life Science and Educational Studies Dual Major; Sustainability Concentration; Environmental Science, Biology, and Psychology Minors

Thomas More University

Lillie will be a senior this upcoming fall at Thomas More University. She is dual majoring in life science and educational studies with a concentration in sustainability and minors in environmental science, biology, and psychology. At Thomas More, she is the President of the Blue and Green Club and serves on the University Sustainability Committee. Over the past year, Lillie worked in forest health and ecology with Boone County Conservation District where she gained experience in field work, research, and wildlife monitoring techniques. Her interests include geology, conservation, hiking, and drawing. This summer she is excited to share her passion for nature through the environmental education program while gaining experience in husbandry and continuing research.

Korey Vaughn

Doug Parsons

I am the Director of America Adapts Media and host of America Adapts – The Climate Change Podcast. I previously worked on climate adaptation issues with the National Park Service, FL Fish and Wildlife Commission and in Queensland Australia. I'm dedicated to highlighting the issue of adaptation.

Emory Harger they/them

Emory Harger (they/them) lives in midcoast Maine in Penobscot Territory, and is the Communications Coordinator for Maine Environmental Education Association. They do MEEA's marketing, social media, public relations, and storytelling. In their free time, Emory likes to surf, garden, make documentaries, cook, and nap!

Jan Stay

Tabitha Giacalone

Kerstin Kremer

Hayes Fred


Robert Topala is the creator of the side-scrolling, platforming Geometry Dash game series. The game was first launched on iOS and Android on August 13, 2013, then on Windows and macOS on December 22, 2014. In Geometry Dash, users steer a symbol through musical levels and steer clear of spikes and other hazards.

The creator of Geometry Dash created 26 lengthy levels, 22 of which are auto-scrolling and 4 of which are "platformer" levels. In addition, there is a quick level named "The Challenge" that has nothing to do with the other 26 levels. Players may make their own unique levels using the system for creating levels, share them online, and play levels made by other players. One may get in-game cash, including stars, moons, coins, mana orbs, or diamonds, from a variety of sources, like official and user-made levels and chests.


David Veronica


In the well-known and storied 2D arcade game Dinosaur Game, your task is to help the T-Rex dinosaur across the wide desert. Join today to enjoy yourself!

Dinosaur Game, also known as Chrome Dino, is a browser game created by Google and incorporated into the Google Chrome web browser. In this game, players will control a pixelated, horizontally-scrolling dinosaur with the of preventing him from colliding with obstacles in order to increase his score. In 2014, meobjective mbers of the Chrome user experience development team created the game.

Kirby Benny



The idea of Connections is quite clear. Sorting 16 completely unsorted words into four groups of four is your task while playing the game. Words may be combined because they all refer to the same term or object, such as "car parts," or because they share another characteristic, such as "ends with x." The categories are almost limitless, and the clever people at Connections go above and above to ensure that organizing items into categories is challenging. There is a lot of room for interpretation, which is why it takes four incorrect answers to lose the game

Engaging in Connections game is a fun and challenging experience. After deciding on four terms, you may see whether they belong in a group called a "category." Categories may be anything from a collection of sluggish creatures to enigmas such as "kayak" and "radar." You will have to use every bit of your brains to succeed.

With a brand-new puzzle released every day, Connections Game is the ideal way to start your morning—or, if you're an early riser, wind down at the end of the day. The game provides new tasks every day to keep you interested and delighted.


Caleb Stewart

Michelle Pratt

Jessamyn Biette

Carolyn Sanders she/her/hers

Tara Poelzing she/her

Daniella Rodriguez

Daniella earned her B.S. in Conservation Biology and Ecology from Arizona State University.  She holds a certificate in Sustainability and Behavior Change from the University of California-San Diego and is pursuing her master’s degree in Environmental Studies from Prescott College. She has been in the Environmental Education field for over a decade. This includes working as a gallery interpreter for the Arizona Science Center, as a Recreation Coordinator for the City of Chandler Nature Center, and then as a Water Conservation Specialist for the City of Chandler. Daniella recently transitioned to the East Coast and has helped the Shaw Institute, a nonprofit marine and environmental research center in Blue Hill, Maine, with outreach and special projects. She’s excited to join the NAAEE team and help support the ee360+ program.

Lesli Moylan

Executive Director of the Missouri Environmental Education Association. A longtime youth gardening educator and outdoor education advocate, who believes that teaching systems thinking is key to tackling our myriad, complex, and intertwined environmental and social issues....and knows that environmental education is the perfect avenue for developing that kind of understanding!

Sarah Bodor

NAAEE’s Senior Director of Capacity Building, Sarah Bodor comes from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, where she held a number of program management and leadership positions throughout the organization. She worked closely with state education agencies in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia to develop and pilot standards-based curricula and provide teacher professional development. Her background also includes communications and fundraising. In 2008, she served as the writer of Maryland’s Children in Nature Plan, which resulted in passage of Maryland’s environmental high school graduation requirement.

Bruce Young

Sara Mo

Alainah Clotiaux

Madeline Bartosh

John Baek