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Stephanie Campo

Research Interests: Environmental education of families, communities, and businesses on the importance of ecosystems and their services. Current Project: Conceptual understanding and practices that help guide present and future generations towards social, economic, and environmental sustainability.

Ericka Popovich

A leader in community-based environmental action, committed to social and environmental equity with 12+ years of experience in program and partnership development, strategic planning, community engagement, volunteer management, behavior change strategies, marketing and program evaluation.

Emily Schaller

Emily Schaller's appreciation of the natural world started during her childhood in Connecticut playing in the mud with her brother, hiking in the woods with her dad, and picking flowers and berries with her mom. She was a dedicated Girl Scout for 10 years, which helped instill in her a love of exploration and a sense of civic responsibility. 

She pursued her interest in connecting people to the natural world and inspiring action to sustain it by earning her MS in Ecological Leadership and Education from the Audubon Expedition Institute of Lesley University. This unique program included 3 semesters of living and learning outdoors while traveling across different bioregions of North America in a retrofitted school bus. This transformational experience provided her with a deeper knowledge of herself as well as the role she could play in building connections between people, their communities, and their place. 

She has since developed and delivered a variety of environmental education experiences for all ages at Naturebridge Yosemite, Teton Science Schools, and a variety of other environmental agencies and nonprofits. Emily's current role with the University of Michigan's Center for Education Design, Evaluation, and Research (CEDER) and the Dow Innovation Teacher Fellowship is to support place-based sustainability education in the Great Lakes Bay region of Michigan and beyond.



Kristi Hibler-Luton

Renee Gervais

Executive Director

Naomi Wallace

BLM Campbell Creek Science Center

The Campbell Creek Science Center engages all learners in outdoor experiences that increase appreciation, connection, and stewardship of Alaska’s public lands and natural resources. The CCSC supports statewide outreach for environmental education, interpretation, and youth engagement for BLM Alaska.

Katie Navin

Katie has been active in the field of environmental education for 20 years. As the executive director of the Colorado Alliance for Environmental Education, she leads environmental literacy planning and implementation efforts and is active both locally and nationally.

Drew Burnett

Drew Burnett is a retired Federal civil servant with 32 years of service in the U.S. Peace Corps, Environmental Protection Agency, Forest Service, and Fish and Wildlife Service.  Beginning in July 2019, Drew began working part-time as a consultant specializing in meeting facilitation services focused on policy development, decision making, team building, and visioning and strategic planning. Drew is also interested in short-term (NTE 3 months) project leader work focused on environmental education and natural resource management and policy development. Current clients include the North American Association for Environmental Education, Project Learning Tree, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He loves practicing his Spanish, triathlon training, gardening at their weekend home in Garrett County, MD, and volunteering at the house museum Fallingwater.  Drew lives in Washington, DC with his husband of 22 years, and their kitty, Stella.

Kelly Steinberg

Ash Spears

Deborah Rudd

Caroline Cain

Lori Ann Wilde

Erin Vick

Michelle Silvers

4th-year doctoral candidate in the Department of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies (DPS) at the U of A. My research explores the advancements of increased accessibility, program inclusion, and equitable practices within EE educational opportunities for historically marginalized communities.

Andrea Andersen

Vince Schutt

Jennifer Cirillo

Jimena Testing

Glynnis Ritter

Courtney Allen