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Allison Martin she/her

I help organizations, school districts, and local governments achieve stronger connections with their communities and a healthy, more sustainable future for everyone.  

Jenna Mendenhall

Jimena Cuenca she/her

Hi! I’m Jimena, raised in Southern California with a love for nature and shaped by my family. I now call Alaska home, where I’m a part of a community seeking to build momentum for climate action

Previously, I’ve worked in fieldwork helping on avian research projects with the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service before working with the National Parks Service as a park ranger. At present, I’m a Digital Community Coordinator at NAAEE. When I’m not supporting our amazing eePRO community, you can find me reading, writing, doodling, or bicycling to the nearest coffee and tea place.

Bruce Young

Stephanie Gonzalez

Brooke Guess

My personal motto is to live what you love. I love the outdoors and sharing the wonders of our natural world with others. Children need environmental education more now than ever. I have been working in the outdoor education field for about 13 years and have loved every minute of it. 

Megan Meyer

Bailey Ritze

Jenna Cobb she/her

Jenna Cobb (she/her) is passionate about facilitating spaces to cultivate relationship with nature and engaging youth in academic, advocacy, and faith-based settings to seek community transformation together. She is currently located on unceded Tongva land in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern California in the United States. As a Program Manager at Community Nature Connection and a former youth pastor, Jenna is excited about incorporating spirituality, Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and civics in environmental education.

Katelyn Rupert she/her

Madeline Halvey

Madeline is an international programs coordinator at NAAEE, supporting the Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP), youth leadership programs, and other global initiatives.

Kyle Yarrow he/him/his

Amy Mohsin

Jennifer Page

Dr. Jennifer Page is the Director of Education for the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership in mid-coastal Maine. In her current role, she helps to design and deliver innovative science education programs that involve students in community-focused, applied research, and other projects deeply rooted in a sense of place. For half of the year, Jenn facilitates this work on Hurricane Island itself: a 125-acre, off-the-grid island where students are immersed in the natural world. The rest of the year she is based in Rockland, Maine and focuses on growing school partnerships and working with other nonprofits to support educators in their own classrooms. Before joining Hurricane Island, Jenn taught for two years in the School of Marine Sciences at the University of Maine as a post-doc, followed by 5 years as a science instructor at Bangor High School. While at Bangor High, Jenn was an enthusiastic Speech & Debate coach, helped develop the school’s rigorous STEM Academy, and spent several summers at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory with Bangor students as a Visiting Researcher. Regardless of the setting or stage of her career, Jenn has been most passionate about mentoring students and supporting them to realize their ambitions. Her project for the ee360 Fellowship helps her exponentially grow this work by starting a fellowship program for teachers that equips them to facilitate student-designed, place-based projects with a focus on environmental impacts. Jenn holds a BS in Marine Science from the University of Maine and a Ph.D. in Biology from the Georgia Institute of Technology. In addition to her work with Hurricane, she currently serves as secretary of the Board of the Maine Environmental Education Association and is a member of the University of Maine Honors College Board of Advocates . When she is relaxing, Jenn spends as much quiet time at home as possible with her husband and their cat and enjoys Bullet Journaling and knitting.

About Jennifer‘s ee360 Community Action Project

As part of Jenn and her team’s efforts to increase teacher capacity for place-based learning, they convened a cohort of teacher leaders in the summer of 2019 to form our first class of place-based Teacher Fellows. The kickoff to their Fellowship program was a week-long retreat on Hurricane Island that brought together educators from all grade levels and all backgrounds to receive support in developing and implementing interdisciplinary, place-based learning in their classrooms and communities with a focus on environmental sustainability. The Hurricane Island Teacher Fellowship program is comprehensively helping to address barriers to place-based learning across the entire landscape of education and empowering educators and students to become environmental change makers and leaders. The Teacher Fellows are made up of pairs or small cohorts of educators from local school districts who received professional development to help them involve their students in environmentally-focused, standards-based projects embedded in their community. Teachers attended a summer fellows academy and are receiving additional professional development tailored to their stage of project implementation through in-person and online training throughout the school year. Teachers are also receiving financial assistance and classroom support from Hurricane educators and scientists to help implement the projects that their students design. The program will culminate with an end-of-year symposium to allow students from all the schools to present their projects to each other and the broader community, providing an authentic audience for their work. This comprehensive support system for the Teacher Fellows allow them to focus on delivering high-quality educational experiences to their students rather than piecing together all the components themselves. The nature of the projects being designed will influence the quality of environmental education in our schools and connect students to their communities in meaningful and tangible ways. Teacher Fellows and student representatives are able to apply for financial support to attend regional and national conferences to present their work, helping to increase the impact of the projects, and spread the model to other communities.  

Deja Jones

Samuel O'Shea He/Him

I am a undergraduate senior at CU Bouler studying environmental studies. I have been and ENVS major for all four years of college and I have enjoyed getting to learn more about a wide rage of environmental topics. Once I graduate, I am looking forward to having a career in the environmental field and putting my education to good use. 

Steven Greenleaf He/him

Steven Greenleaf is President of Fundación Esperanza Aplicada (Applied Hope Foundation), a non-profit dedicated to supporting people and projects focused on restorative and sustainable practices, and entrepreneurship in Costa Rica, Latin America, and beyond. Steven Greenleaf is also Director of Greenleaf Education Costa Rica S.A. (GECR). GECR offers courses in environmental leadership, environmental project planning and management, and environmental problem-solving. Steven is originally from Northern California and has worked in construction and natural resource management as well.

Andy David He/Him

Andrew (Andy) David joined the NAAEE team in 2022 and is currently an international programs coordinator. Andy has a passion for environmental education, sustainable development, and working across cultures. He has a B.A from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Master's in Development Practices from Emory University. Andy has worked in the U.S states of Wisconsin, Montana, and Georgia and has worked internationally in Ghana and Kenya. He is from a small town on the shores of the Gichigami (Lake Superior). 

Bryan Thompson-Nowak

Jenny Davis

Katie Marino

Christy Merrick

Nearly 20 years ago, Christy took her first job in environmental education at a conservation summer camp, and she hasn't looked back. She has worked in universities, international nonprofits, local organizations, state agencies, and private companies—always with an eye toward helping people build environmental literacy and meaningful connections to nature. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation from the University of Florida and a Master's Degree in Environmental Management from Yale University. When she's not working, Christy likes to swim, surf, and play with her family on the beaches of South Florida, where she lives and works.

Finn Lewis

Hana Brinkley