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Hayley Valley

Sarah Goldsmith She/Her

I am an Environmental Educator stationed at Crowder County Park and Historic Yates Mill, my deep dedication to conservation drives my work. Operating at the forefront of education, I strive to inspire the public and youth alike to join us on a collective journey. Together, we aim to secure a lasting ecosystem that all animals and plants alike can share, ensuring they have a home long into the future, even after we have moved on.

Lisa Rivera

Laura Miller She her

Quinae West

Monique Mckoy

Darrell Meece

Tim Zimmerman

I am the national evaluator for NOAA's B-WET program. Formerly, I was a professor of environmental and science education (12 yrs), a federal national program manager (8 yrs), and a marine biologist. I have researched science curriculum design, taught education theory, and was a field-based environmental educator.

Hend Aboumowees

Jill Fresco

Haley Nelson

Tony Raymond

Flappy Bird is an arcade game where you control a likeable bird that has to fly through many obstacles all made up of pipes.

Katie Bagnall-Newman

Carrie Waits she/her

I am a nature lover. I enjoy taking hikes in the mountains and taking in the beauty of the natural world. I am life-long learner across all topics but especially in science-based topics. 

Julie DeGraff she

I have always been intrigued by science, especially the outdoors. As an adult, I do lots of gardening. I think learning how to be sustainable is very important. I walk as a form of relaxation/mental health. I try to identify birds, their calls, and nests. I recently have taken an interest in foraging. I find myself asking, what would happen if ....?

I encourage others in my family to reduce, reuse and recycle around our home.

As an educator, I run our school's Environmental Club. I want to pass on my passion to others.

Lindsey Kirkland

Regina Foldes she/her

Kate Walker

Aimee Stitt

Jedda Foreman she/her

Sasha Stallard

Misty Klotz

I provide conservation and environmental-themed learning experiences for K-12 students, families, and adults at MSU, W.K. Kellogg Biological Station and serve on the Board of the Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education.

Amber Schiltz

Meghan Dinneen