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Asa Duffee he/him

I currently work to support leadership and best practices at nature centers throughout North America. In my role with the Association of Nature Center Administrators, I create and share content about the issues that nature centers face, and how they can overcome their challenges.

Tania Marien

Tania Marien is a podcast host and environmental correspondent. Her projects draw on her experiences working as an independent environmental education professional, first as the full-time editor, educator, and bookseller at ArtPlantae and now as a podcast producer, writer, researcher, and network builder. Her current project explores how freelance environmental professionals contribute to environmental literacy. She believes that independent professionals are overlooked and that their professionalism and contributions to lifelong learning need to be recognized. Documenting their work is important because it fills the knowledge gap about how people learn about science and the environment outside of the classroom. Tania is also a contributor to The Carbon Almanac.

Bryan Daniels

Cari Herndon

Island School

Tom Rhoads

Shannon Ayres

Natalia Bayona

I'm a science writer and illustrator interested in pursuing a career in environmental art or education. I have a background in marine biology and environmental journalism, and hope to develop educational programs or materials about aquatic science in academic and public settings.

Laura Van Wyk

Lindsey Christ

Kester Edmunds

Jenifer Jay She

I am an informal environmental educator and a certified Interpretative guide with the National Association of Interpretation.  I recently obtained my North Carolina Environmental Education Certification in January 2024.  I currently prepare and present Smokey Bear programs as well as other environmental programs to children at local schools, non-profit organizations, nature centers, and local events.  I currently work for the USDA Forest Service as an HR Specialist; however, on a volunteer basis I provide educational programs to students visiting the local Ranger District.  Last year, my husband retired and we moved back to our home in Virginia.  After moving, I continued my environmental education requirements for my North Carolina certification since I was so close to completing.  I also plan to still visit North Carolina and volunteer for local events or at the National Forests' District Offices on a bi-annual basis.  Currently, I am pursuing my Virginia Environmental Education Certification so that when I plan to retire in two to three years, I can continue presenting environmental education programs to local schools, non-profit organizations, nature centers, and at local events in Virginia. 

Maggie Rasch

Teddy Goyette

Joe Watson


Justin Claus

Tracy Calla

Maja Markus

Keegan Henry

Andrew Kirk

Stephanie Doyle She/her

Adrian Ayson (Non-Admin for Testing)

Michelle Silvers

4th-year doctoral candidate in the Department of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies (DPS) at the U of A. My research explores the advancements of increased accessibility, program inclusion, and equitable practices within EE educational opportunities for historically marginalized communities.