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Ian Ries


Kayler DeBrew She/her

I am a passionate environmental educator keenly interested in short-term, local, and affordable outdoor endeavors for all community members. Through environmental education, I believe that we can foster a love of the outdoors and inspire folks to appreciate nature in their own contexts.

Kayla Soren

Kayla Soren is a Co-Founder of the International Student Environmental Coalition (ISEC), an organization that engages 30 countries and thousands of youth in environmental activism.

Danni Logue

Meredith Smith she/hers

Natalee Good She/her

I am a graduate student pursuing my masters in environmental education at Florida Atlantic University. I spent over 6 years in public health and emergency management before deciding I wanted to focus on my true passion, the environment. I am now gaining invaluble experience as I work splitting my time as a graduate teaching assistant at FAU Pine Jog Environemental Education Center and as an environmental educator at Friends of MacArthur Beach State park. 

Ruby Kaner

Kara Haas

I'm a Michigan-raised naturalist and an aspiring education researcher interested in utilizing the outdoors for K-12 teaching and learning and the impact of community-focused learning communities for K-12 teachers and educators.

Michela Dimond

Khrystal Alas

Eileen Tan She/They

Loren Shimel

Hannah Graham

I am passionate about early childhood environmental education and currently work as an instructional assistant while I pursue my EE certification.

Esther Cowles she, her

My motto is strategic thinking for practical results! I like to start with the big picture, thinking about all the amazing ways that people in the field of EE are striving to make the world a better and more inclusive place for all our wonderful diversity. Then I seek to collaborate with people who bring many ways of knowing and lived experiences to developing strategies and pathways that lead to practical actions and results.

Brekke Bounds

Michelle Marsich

Ana Ruiz

Julia Kaseta she/her

Outdoor education and recreation professional working to improve equitable access to green spaces.

Bill Prentice

Julia Kaseta

Bill Finnegan

I am interested in the use of digital media and persuasive technology in environmental education.

Yolanda Mitchell

I have 20 years of experience with working alongside youth and adults within tradtional and non-traditional educational settings. My work has been centered around education, criminal justice, programming, training, and community involvement. I have been fortunate to expand my skills and knowledge in other areas and would like to grow within the environmental education sector.  I have an orange thumb when it comes down to planting and a green heart for growing and learning. Building my skills in this area will help me continue to spread the message locally of how we are all growers and learners of our environment. I am excited to become an Environmental Educator!

Sophia Boyd she/her