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Focus Feature

Moderator Endorsed: Global EE

NAAEE is in the early stages of developing a set of guidelines focusing on climate change education and climate justice as part of the Guidelines for Excellence series. We envision that this set of guidelines will provide a set of recommendations for developing and implementing community-driven, climate education that is centered on climate justice and empowers climate action. Your participation is important.


Amaris Alanis Ribeiro

Center Director, North Park Village Nature Center

Amaris is passionate about asset-based community engagement approaches that leverage a community's existing nature-science social capital. Amaris wants to expand that thinking through the use timebanking, a reciprocity-based system where participants exchange services with other members. Amaris believes in timebanking as a way to equitably engage with communities in nature-science, meet community members' needs, and foster resilient and inclusive ecosystem hubs.