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Michelle Silvers

4th-year doctoral candidate in the Department of Disability and Psychoeducational Studies (DPS) at the U of A. My research explores the advancements of increased accessibility, program inclusion, and equitable practices within EE educational opportunities for historically marginalized communities.


Marika Olynyk

Meagan Mendoza

Sophia Maruska

Ashley Herrmann

Martha Mulokoshi

Martha started her conservation career in Namibia, where she worked for World Wildlife Fund. Her role was to support tourism business development and bolster communal conservancies in establishing viable joint ventures with private partners. She also supported business enterprise efforts of a nonprofit organization that aims to empower the San people socially and economically in the rural Nyae Nyae Conservancy in northeast Namibia (the first conservancy in the country).

While earning her Masters of Tourism Administration at George Washington University, she worked at the International Institute of Tourism Studies and the Institute of African Studies in program administration. She comes to us from Academic Travel Abroad.  She is passionate about people, environmental conservation, and sustainable development.

Nina Quaratella

Hi everyone! I am a certified North Carolina Environmental Educator, and currently the Director of Programs at New England Science & Sailing. I work to bring ocean adventure and marine science education to students of all ages and backgrounds.

Sunil Pawar

Meg Kennedy Shaw

Leilani Traynor-Kilroy

Jada Santoro she/her

Michèle Andrews she/her

Michèle Andrews is the Co-Founder and Executive Director at - a not-for-profit providing practical inspiration for the transition to a just, beautiful, and regenerated world. She is leading the Climate Action Accelerator Program with K-12 schools across Canada to help them create and implement bold, high-impact, hope-filled whole-school climate action plans. In this program students, operations leaders, faculty and administrators are working together on school teams and with their colleagues around the country to chart an accelerated climate-positive path for schools everywhere.

Janie Butler

Rosie DeVito she/her

Jeanine Huss

Tiana Campos

National Center for Outdoor & Adventure Education

Kathryn Burnsworth She/Her

Peter Walsh

Melanie Graeff

Katelin Savage She/Her

Cynthia Tam

Colette Laughlin she/her