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Laura Ann Bergman

Laura Ann Bergman serves as the coordinator for Seminary Hill Farm, a regenerative vegetable operation within the Methodist Theological School in Ohio which focuses on food justice and agricultural education. 

David Kline

I am an environmental science educator focused on educating and inspiring students, teachers, and communities to be knowledgeable, motivated, and empowered citizens who proactively strive to live more sustainably and contribute to progress in social and environmental initiatives.

Presence O'Neal

Milan Bush

I am an environmental educator with 10 years of experience in childhood development and elementary education. A former gym teacher, kindergarten science teacher, and instructional coach, Milan's broad array of experience helps inform her understanding of how to best serve our community.

Caleb Stewart

Jennifer Stevens

Vanessa Barela sher/her/hers

I am the Outdoor Learning Specialist in the Math and Science Bureau at the New Mexico Public Education Department. I have been an educator for over the past 15 years in both New Mexico and Colorado, I most recently was the Director of Environmental Education and Technology at Cottonwood School (Corrales, NM) but spent my previous five years at Department of Cultural Affairs at the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center (Cedar Crest, NM) as an Environmental Educator and Certified Wilderness First Responder. I am excited to connect the work that has been done through the Senate Memorial 1 Task Force, Environmental Education New Mexico (EENM), Department of Cultural Affairs, and teaching! I have  bachlors degrees in environmental engineering, technical writing, with a masters curriculum and instruction, and a teaching license. 

Sarah-Mae Nelson

I lead an adult climate change education initiative working for community/ecosystem resilience to climate impacts using social-emotional resilience and evidence-based, trauma-aware communication practices. My work includes writing curriculum, training instructors, and performing related research.

Suzanne Moss

Elementary Teacher 4th grade, now retired. Owner of Eco-tour company.

Alyssa Mcconkey

Danika Strecko she/her/hers

Senior Education Manager at Project Learning Tree - Sustainable Forestry Initiative


Molly Dushay

Celeste Royer

I've been an EEducator for 35+ years. I retired in 2020 as Director of Outdoor & EE where I directed an outdoor school. I am presently working at Ten Strands as the Director of Equity & Inclusion focusing on centering equity as we advance environmental literacy in CA.

Joanna Yac

Erin Cover

Lindsey Kirkland

Chrissy Word

Lauren Denney she/her


Lauren K. Denney works as an educator, environmentalist, and advocate for social justice in the city of St. Louis, MO. She teaches outdoor education at City Garden Montessori School, where she also manages the school garden. She will soon graduate with her Master of Arts in Teaching Biological Sciences through Project Dragonfly at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and Missouri Botanical Gardens.


Noureen Merchant

Jackie Loomis

Yue Li

Yue Li recently finished her PhD in the Department of Natural Resources at Cornell University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in soil and water conservation from Beijing Forestry University and a master’s degree in natural resources from Beijing Normal University. Through her research and outreach, Yue seeks to understand how networking among diverse environmental educators fosters innovation in their environmental education practice.

Christina Klock she/her/hers

Acacia Dupierre she/her