GCSE 2022 Virtual Conference


GCSE 2022 Virtual Conference

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GCSE 2022 Virtual Conference

At the 2022 Virtual Conference of the Global Council for Science and the Environment (GCSE), we invite you to join us to examine the role of tipping points in natural and social systems, and in government and policy, to explore a collective goal of achieving a climate positive future. This conference theme goes deep into the core mission of GCSE, to improve the scientific basis of environmental decision-making, shining light on the complexity of how policy, technology, and society can most strategically use science from disparate fields to help the planet heal itself as we move toward key milestones and societal goals. Of primary consideration is how to ensure that in working toward thresholds for recovery, we consider the vulnerabilities of people and ecosystems most at risk and impacted, recognizing that climate change poses disproportionate threats to those underserved, who often stand the most to lose and least to gain.

Priority Focus Areas

The GCSE 2022 Virtual Conference will focus on the following Priority Areas:​

Physical Thresholds in Climate Systems

  • Weather
  • Water, ice, and permafrost
  • Deforestation
  • Biodiversity
  • Governance that connects systems, harnessing tipping points for positive change; avoiding negative transitions​


  • Underserved populations
  • Frontline communities
  • Climate justice and vulnerability​

Thresholds in Coupled Social-Ecological-Technological Systems

  • Food systems
  • Energy systems
  • Water
  • Multilateral governance and local solutions
  • Thresholds for behavior change

Resilience and Tradeoffs

  • Green infrastructure
  • Health and environment linkages
  • Post-pandemic recovery

Climate Positive Technology and Innovation

  • Energy, waste and transportation.
  • Incorporating climate positive engineering in college campuses
  • Innovation in nuclear energy
  • Technology and transitions

Targets and Timelines

  • SDGs - 2030 and beyond
  • Stockholm +50, 2022
  • Warming targets and the Paris Climate Agreement

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