11th World Environmental Education Congress


11th World Environmental Education Congress

Dear Friends and Members of the Environmental and Sustainability Education Community,

A few months remain to the 11th World Environmental Education Congress (14-18th March 2022) in Prague. We are looking forward to welcoming you here! We believe this will be a time when we – after two difficult years – will be able to meet again in person.

The 11th WEEC focuses on “building bridges.” We take this as a chance for our community to build new partnerships, develop existing networks and promote cooperation in our field. We believe that this is very much needed. The severity of climate changes and deterioration of the environment calls for a strong global response. As our community is a part of this, our response needs to be strong and global. Cooperation is the key. 

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Building Bridges in Times of Climate Urgency

How can environmental and sustainability education contribute to overcoming the disjunction that isseparating people from nature? How can we support a more sustainable, equitable, and relational way ofbeing in the world?

Our Congress will try to help in building bridges between:

  • different approaches to environmental education and education for sustainable development
  • researchers and practitioners around the world
  • formal, non-formal, informal, and community education
  • national strategies in environmental education

Register With Confidence

As the first in its history, the Congress offers a uniquely hybrid form of participation. If you are considering your participation and would like to come to Prague, registration is still open.

If last-minute restrictions related to the pandemic prevent you from attending, you can simply switch to the online program. Whether you choose on-site or online participation, you will have access to the virtual platform for a full year. You can reread all the papers, meet for discussions with other participants and establish the necessary partnerships.

You can register for on-site participation until 8 March 2022. Registration for online participation is not limited.

As an online participant:

  • you will have access to the virtual platform with all of the ongoing online presentations and workshops,streamed onsite plenary sessions, and recorded all of the parallel (both online and onsite sessions);
  • you can discuss selected topics with all of the WEEC participants;
  • you can access the virtual platform up to one year after closing WEEC.