Report: "Opportunities for Growth: Nature-Based Jobs in NYC"


Report: "Opportunities for Growth: Nature-Based Jobs in NYC"

A pond circled by trees with leaves changing color from green to yellows an reds

Opportunities for Growth: Nature-Based Jobs in NYC

Created by Just Nature NYC, the goal of this report is to define and summarize the state of 'nature-based jobs' (NBJs) in New York City.

Nature-based jobs are "jobs that directly contribute to natural infrastructure and nature-based ecosystems with the goal of enhancing human health and well-being and promoting biodiversity."

The report organizes NBJ types into four categories: conceptualization, implementation, functional maintenace, and value maintenance. Each of the four areas is described and discussed, before the report continues on to respond to identify job locations, future outlook, and an action framework.

It concludes with three preferred outcomes:

  • Drive near-term growth in nature-based jobs
  • Increase nature-based job equity, accessibility, and quality
  • Promote deeper public appreciation for nature-based solutions

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