Black History Month 2022


Black History Month 2022

Illustration of a small boy on a path surrounded by low green mounds.
During Black History Month and beyond, NAAEE shares the inspiration and strength of regional, place-based initiatives that address Black history in nature. This series will be updated throughout February 2022.

The following focuses on this year's theme, Black Health and Wellness:

Black Healing in Georgia: Landscapes of Past, Present, and Future

The theme of Black History Month in 2022 focuses on the importance of Black health and wellness. In this blog post, we’ll look specifically at how Geechee communities in Georgia supported and prioritized community health.


Embers of Alternative Futures in Alaska

This blog post is a collage of conversations between Black, Indigenous, and Afro-Indigenous Alaskans. Charting the ways personal histories unravel the self, these writers, artists, healers, family members, and leaders map paths toward healing and alternative futures.


Revisit the 2021 theme, The Black Family: Representation, Identity and Diversity, in the following blog posts:

Histories for EE in Chicago, Illinois

In this blog post celebrating Black history, we look at access to environmental education and nature for Black Chicagoans. This is one intimate look among thousands frequently forgotten in lived experience. How can we, as environmental educators, better share the histories of landscapes?

Making Florida Home

In this blog post recognizing Black history in nature, we visit how Black Floridians have navigated land and sea, created refuges and resorts, and protected and painted the landscape of the Sunshine State.

Pennsylvania: Healthy Roots and Sweet Maple Syrup

In this blog post, we visit how Black Pennsylvanians are tackling food deserts, land inequity, and other environmental repercussions of racist policy.

California: Environmental Education and Justice

How are California-based organizations shaping the conversation around environmental education and justice? In this blog post, we trace the impacts of slavery through California’s history and explore local organizations’ responses to environmental racism.

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