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Jennifer Hammonds (she/her)

Director, Education Programs

National Wildlife Federation


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Aligned with NGSS, Biodiversity, Citizen Science, Climate Change, Conservation, Culture and Art, Ecosystems, Environmental Literacy, Environmental Quality, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Marine, Nonformal Education, PreK-12, Service Learning, Sustainability, Water


Jennifer Hammonds, M.Ed. is the Director of Education with the National Wildlife Federation.

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As the Director of Education Programs at the National Wildlife Federation, Jennifer plays a pivotal role in various initiatives. She is the National Operator for the global Foundation for Environmental Education’s Learning about Ecosystems and Forests program and spearheads NWF’s partnership with The GLOBE Program.

With a rich background spanning over 25 years in the field, Jennifer leverages her extensive formal and informal education experience and professional learning and curriculum development expertise. Her work revolves around educational experiences that sustain the planet and resonate with the human experience.

Jennifer's dedication extends beyond her professional responsibilities; she is deeply committed to continual growth, embracing a life-long journey of unlearning, relearning, and actively engaging in anti-racist work. Her passion lies in liberatory solutions-based education, characterized by collaboration and centered around students’ diverse funds of knowledge.

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