"Before They Fall" Documentary Screening


"Before They Fall" Documentary Screening

Story Money Impact and ecologyst are making Before They Fall available to screen for free from now until April 22nd anywhere—in your living room, office, local theatre, or community center!

This is a film about how First Nations, conservation groups, and scientists have been fighting to protect the remaining old-growth forests in Canada for decades, and the hundreds of thousands that showed up to Fairy Creek to protect the last unprotected ancient watershed on southern Vancouver Island. 

To participate, go to the link to our Virtual Screening Kit and fill out the form. You’ll receive access to:

  • Link to the 40-minute documentary film Before They Fall
  • Discussion Guide to lead conversation post-viewing
  • Youth Activity Guide to help young people aged 14–19 to reflect, enquire, respond, and engage with issues of logging, Indigenous sovereignty, and environmentalism
  • Posters and photos to decorate and promote your screening
  • Invitation to live virtual Q&A with Indigenous activist Rainbow Eyes on April 21st at 2:00 PM Eastern Time

Link: https://www.storymoneyimpact.com/earthday2023