Network Climate Action: Scaling up your impact


Network Climate Action: Scaling up your impact

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Many of us want to do something  about climate change, but individual actions can feel inadequate in the face of the looming climate crisis. In the “Network Climate Action: Scaling up your Impact” online course, you will learn how to scale up your individual actions through your social networks. You will choose a climate action you take yourself, and apply social influence research to persuade your family, friends, social media followers, or other social network to also take that action.

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In this course, you will:

  1. Describe the feasibility and effectiveness of actions to mitigate greenhouse gases across different countries and contexts.
  2. Implement an action to reduce greenhouse gases yourselves and among your social network.
  3. Critically reflect on the results of your network climate action and write a one-page report of your action and reflections.
  4. Participate actively in a global online community of climate-concerned citizens.