Urban EE Essays

Photo credit: Alex Russ.
Central Park. Photo credit: Alex Russ.

Urban EE Essays (eePRO Blog Series)

This 10-essay series, posted on April 18 - June 20, 2016, explores various perspectives on urban environmental education. These ten essays are also combined into an e-book "Essays in Urban EE." In addition, these essays are also selected chapters of the larger 30-chapter upcoming book "Urban EE Review" (Cornell University Press, 2017), edited by Alex Russ and Marianne Krasny. Check out the essays below, and visit the EE in Urban Settings eePRO Group blog to explore more posts on urban EE!

Urban EE Essays:

April 18: Essay 1 - "Advancing Urbanization" 

April 25: Essay 2 - "School Partnerships"

May 2: Essay 3 - "Community Environmental Education"

May 9: Essay 4 - "Sense of Place"

May 16: Essay 5 - "Climate Change Education"

May 23: Essay 6 - "Early Childhood Education"

May 30: Essay 7 - "Positive Youth Development"

June 6: Essay 8 - "Intergenerational Education"

June 13: Essay 9 - "Environmental Art"

June 20: Essay 10 - "Green Infrastructure"


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