Nature Based Leadership Workshop: Applying nature’s lessons to leadership, learning and life


Hours for Learning Activity:

21 learning hours

Date and Time:

Saturday, October 19, 2019, 9:00am

Registration Deadline:

Monday, October 21, 2019, 5:30pm

Join faculty from Antioch University New England's Nature-Based Leadership Institute for an inspiring 3-days focused on how you can benefit from the emerging field of nature-based-leadership. Put your knowledge to work for others. Leave refreshed and ready to bring the benefits of nature-based experience to every facet of your life – at home, in relationships, at play and at work in settings as diverse as business, education, health care and organizational development. And join a growing worldwide community of people committed to reconnecting individuals with nature–for their own health and well-being, and that of the planet Earth.

Course Options

Enroll in a non-credit workshop for the on-site weekend only Sat. Oct. 19 to Mon. Oct. 21
Choose the 3-credit graduate course, starting Oct. 1 online plus the 3-day on-site workshop.


Guiding Values

Human health and well-being are inextricably linked to the health of the planet’s living systems.
Direct experiences in nature nourish health, hope creativity and compassion.
Nature-based leadership is inherently collaborative and generative; it differs significantly from current mechanistic and hierarchical leadership models and is a way forward to restore the balance between people and nature.

The world of nature is inherently life-giving. Evidence and common sense indicate that nature itself can heal, inspire, inform and guide all human activities.

Course/Workshop Description

This interdisciplinary course provides an overview of and immersion in the emerging field of nature-based leadership. In a world in which people are increasingly disconnected from the healthy, generative and renewing ways of nature, this course offers a framework and strategies by which to apply nature’s lessons to enhance your life and career. Nature-based leadership is inherently collaborative. It differs significantly from current mechanistic and hierarchical leadership models and is a way forward to restore a healthy and dynamic balance between people and nature. The course recognizes and builds on contributions from ecology, indigenous wisdom, environmental studies, systems theory, complexity, biomimicry, eco-psychology, conservation psychology, and place-based education. Nature-based leadership draws on these and other disciplines to nurture leadership in all aspects of society, with the aim that people in all relationships—with themselves, others and the Earth itself—contribute to a healthy, peaceful and regenerative present and future. The course takes a hybrid approach to instruction, including nature-based experiential activities in the outdoors, classroom discussions, online readings and commentary, and personalized projects. Participants will leave with strategies for incorporating principles of nature-based leadership in personal and professional settings, including, and not limited to, home and family environments as well as business, education, non-profit organization and health sectors.

Faculty and Guest Facilitators

Cheryl Charles, Ph.D., is one of the leaders of the worldwide movement to reconnect people to nature. Co-Founder and CEO Emerita of the Children & Nature Network, Founding Executive Director of Project Learning Tree and Project WILD, Cheryl is the Executive Director of the Nature Based Leadership Institute at Antioch University New England.

Dan Bisaccio is adjunct faculty at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, and an award-winning teacher educator.

Craig Cassarino is a business entrepreneur with a focus on sustainability.

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Cheryl Charles

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