Tania Marien

Tania Marien

Founder & Principal


Riverside, California,

Roles at NAAEE



Civic Engagement, Climate Change, Culture and Art, Environmental Literacy, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Nonformal Education, Urban EE


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Podcast Producer/Host - TALATERRA

Director - EE Forward

Contributor - The Carbon Almanac

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Tania Marien is an independent environmental education professional with 20 years of experience connecting educators and bringing attention to the work of freelance professionals. Tania began showcasing the work of independent educators while serving as the full-time editor, educator, and bookseller at ArtPlantae. Today she amplifies this effort through Talaterra and its initiatives by serving as a hub for freelance environmental professionals. More about Tania and past projects here.

Tania is a contributor to The Carbon Almanac and The Carbon Almanac Podcast Network.

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