Allison Martin

Allison Martin (she/her)


Blueblossom Consulting

Woodland, California,

Roles at NAAEE



Aligned with NGSS, Biodiversity, Citizen Science, Civic Engagement, Climate Change, Conservation, E-STEM, Environmental Quality, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Nonformal Education, PreK-12, Sustainability, Urban EE, Water


I help organizations, school districts, and local governments achieve stronger connections with their communities and a healthy, more sustainable future for everyone.  

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I began my career in environmental interpretation in 2008 and proceeded to work as a water and waste education program manager and curriculum specialist for more than half of my career. I founded Blueblossom Consulting in November 2021 to help more organizations, municipalities, and school districts strengthen their environmental education programs and services.

My consultant services include but are not limited to:

Education and Interpretation

  • Single or multi-touch curriculum and interpretive program design for in-person, virtual, and/or hyrbid settings
  • K-12 program evaluation, including longitudinal behavioral studies
  • Site opportunity assessments to apply school-based instruction in non-traditional settings
  • Educator training and coaching on best pedagogical practices

Community Engagement

  • Front-end stakeholder evaluation
  • Virtual and in-person community meeting and Town Hall facilitation
  • Development and implementation of social media campaigns
  • In-person outreach and direct dialogue
  • Survey design, administration, and analysis
  • Volunteer recruitment

Technical Assistance

  • Water/solid waste auditing and mitigation planning
  • Community challenge and asset mapping
  • Content writing and editing for communication materials
  • Technical white paper research and writing

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