Outdoor Learning Collaboratory


Outdoor Learning Collaboratory

Share your thoughts and ideas about best practices in outdoor learning at an interactive webinar on Wednesday evening Aug 24th. Seeking participants with experience engaging students in nature; designing and installing amenities or improvements to create schoolyard learning spaces; teaching with culturally-competent instructional strategies; facilitating student-directed environmental stewardship projects; providing professional development intended to increase teacher capacity for outdoor learning; and/or sustaining or scaling effective outdoor learning models. Findings from this community engagement initiative will lead to the development of new Guidelines for Excellence in Outdoor Learning.

Register at www.tinyurl.com/bestpracticesoutdoorlearning.

If you can't make the event in August, there are two more chances this year to participate: 

September 30 at the EEA / SEEA Conference at Unicoi State Park, GA
October 11-12 at the NAAEE Conference in Tucson