Global Youth Science Partnership


Global Youth Science Partnership

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International Consortia Launches Global Youth Science Partnership

The Global Youth Science Partnership will facilitate collaboration, communication, and action between scientists and youth climate activists, to advance evidence-informed decision making and actions responsive to complex environmental challenges like climate change.

The Global Youth Science Partnership will bring together youth citizens with scientists across all disciplines to strengthen youth activism on complex global environmental and societal challenges with clear scientific evidence. The combination of activism and science will result in more durable environmental decision-making and more rigorous activism.

"One of the challenges of being a youth climate activist is effectively communicating the science of climate change. This new partnership will provide me, and other youth environmental activists, with the mentorship, tools and skills needed to bring greater awareness to the climate crisis,” said Alexandria Villasenior, Founder, Earth Uprising. “I'm honored to serve on the Advisory Council for the Global Youth Science Partnership and I'm looking forward to all that we will achieve together.”

The outcome of these pairings will improve communications skills by scientists, deepen scientific understanding by youth activists, develop a resilient community of youth and scientists strengthened by the shared priorities to advance action on complex environmental challenges.

“The Global Youth Science Partnership will serve as a master matchmaker connecting youth and scientists around the world to form bilateral alliances that bring together the strength of activism and communication with evidence, data and analysis on issues ranging from climate change and biodiversity loss to natural resource scarcity and ecosystem health,” said Michelle Wyman, Executive Director, Global Council for Science and the Environment.

The Partnership is a group of organizations who share priority for diversity in all its dimensions including race, gender, and religion, to ensure inclusivity and access for all.

The Global Youth Science Partnership, created by the Global Council for Science and the Environment, includes a growing number of entities committed to supporting high impact work being led by youth activists that engages science as a foundational resource. More information on the Global Youth Science Partnership and Pairing Portal is linked here.