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Introduce students to environmental careers and diverse conservation role models in a fun and interactive way! We are looking for formal and non-formal educators working with Grades 5–8 to pilot our Conservation Nation Academy lessons in 2024.

Our free lessons challenge stereotypes and feature authentic conservation champions from around the world who come from diverse cultural, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.

Educators who provide feedback will receive a certificate of recognition from Conservation Nation and formal recognition on our website.

STIPENDS of up to $300 are available to teachers at Title 1 schools.

Overview of Conservation Nation Academy Lessons

Examine stereotypes, beliefs, and facts about wildlife conservation: 

  • Drawing Conclusions: Explore your understanding of what a conservationist is through games and drawings, then meet nine real conservationists who each share “three things you don’t know by looking at me.”
  • Conservation Conversations: Explain your personal beliefs relating to nature and wildlife conservation and develop a personal conservationist mission statement.
  • Wildlife Fact vs. Fiction: Play a fun movement game to test your knowledge about wildlife conservation.

Explore conservation careers: 

  • Green Careers: Play a “Would You Rather” game that matches you with three potential conservation careers that might suit your interests.
  • Conservation Career Profile: Take a fun quiz to calculate your conservation career profile.
  • Wildlife Detectives and Conservation Champions: Play bingo games as you watch these video lessons featuring interviews with Conservation Nation scientists and people working in a variety of conservation careers.
  • Manatee Tales: Through a fun storytelling game, put yourself in the place of Conservation Nation grantee, Fátima Ramis, as she examines the complex perspectives and interactions of community members in and around a manatee sanctuary in the Dominican Republic.

Notice nature around you: 

  • Mindfulness Outdoors: Created in collaboration with Inward Bound, this lesson contains a collection of five prompts with short and simple activities to practice mindfulness and connect with nature.
  • Wingin’ It: Created in collaboration with Sam DeJarnett of Always Be Birdin', this video will introduce you to the very basics of paying attention to & observing birds outdoors. You do not need any experience or special skills to enjoy watching birds; you just need to get outside and start noticing!