Outdoor Learning Collaboratory


Outdoor Learning Collaboratory

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Outdoor Learning Collaboratory

What makes an effective outdoor learning experience? How can we create spaces that enhance outdoor learning?

Join the Environmental Education Alliance of Georgia and The Outdoor Learning Store for an interactive webinar to explore best practices in outdoor learning.

Calling all teachers, nonformal educators, administrators and facility managers: Your ideas, perspectives, and experience are valued! Contribute to shaping outdoor learning in North America through your insights and expertise. An outcome of the collaboratory series will be new Guidelines for Excellence in Outdoor Learning.

Register for the Outdoor Learning Collaboratory Interactive Webinar on August 24 at 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

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If you can't make the event in August, there are two more chances this year to participate: 

  1. September 30 at the EEA / SEEA Conference at Unicoi State Park, GA
  2. October 11–12 at the NAAEE Conference in Tucson