Teach10Hours4Climate Pledge and Guide


Teach10Hours4Climate Pledge and Guide

Did you know that K–12 students in the United States—on average—spend just 2 hours per school year learning about the climate crisis? 

That's why the National Wildlife Federation and Bard College’s Graduate Programs in Sustainability launched a new campaign, #Teach10Hours4Climate, to increase the amount of time—five-fold—that K–12 students spend learning about the climate crisis and gain the knowledge and skills they need to adapt to a rapidly changing world. We want to increase those 2 hours to 10 hours per school year. Ten hours for climate education sounds like a modest request—and it definitely is, given the scale of the crisis. But it’s an achievable start.

We're asking for your help to spread the word and call attention to this issue and campaign. 

Please take the Pledge and share it widely. 

  • Use the downloadable #Teach10Hours4Climate Guide on the pledge page, complete with worksheets and links to curriculum resources, to help you meet your 10 hours. 
  • Use our social media toolkit on the pledge page to share the campaign.
  • Plan to participate in the Worldwide Teach-In for Climate and Justice on March 29, 2023.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration!