Ocean Wise Species at Risk Education Kit


Ocean Wise Species at Risk Education Kit

Species at Risk Education main cover

At Ocean Wise, we support educators to bring ocean literacy into their classrooms and empower students to take action while deepening their connection to the ocean. Our education kits do exactly this. Informed by the latest science and research from our own conservation initiatives, Seaforestation, Ocean Pollution, Whales and Seafood and Fisheries, Indigenous Knowledge, and active and constructivist pedagogies, each kit addresses the interdisciplinary issues of climate change.

In the Species at Risk (SAR) education kit, each lesson addresses a species at risk through an Ocean Wise conservation initiative. Students will learn about the humpback whale and climate change, the killer whale and ocean pollution, the great white shark and bycatch, the hawksbills sea turtle and plastic pollution, and the sea otter and loss of kelp habitat, plus ways to take action to protect them! Equipped with the proper knowledge and tools, students will acquire an impactful learning experience to empower them to become ocean champions and stewards for species at risk.


The Species at Risk education kit, like all others, is available for elementary school (grades 3 to 6), middle school (grades 7 to 8), and high school (grades 9 to 12), and translated in both French and English. The educator’s guidebook provides detailed guidance on how to conduct classroom activities and how the activities are linked to the concepts of their specific course curriculum. Students are provided with a workbook to complete age specific fun, interactive activities such as online games, collages, discussions, and more.