Let's Explore... The Wonderful World of Snow and Ice!


Let's Explore... The Wonderful World of Snow and Ice!

The goal of this program is to encourage connections to nature through hands-on, integrated learning.

As standards are generally scaffolded for grade levels, the ones listed in the program are at the most basic level. Once you feel more comfortable with nature-based learning you will be able to cover a variety of standards by making connections between the lessons and activities.

In a self-contained classroom the program can be used as a unit study or separated into its individual sections. This program can also be shared amongst subject teachers.

There are many points of entry into the world of nature-based education. This program provides the ‘low hanging fruit’ for new teachers, or, teachers just beginning to incorporate nature-based learning into their curriculum. The activities can be done relatively easily no matter your location or comfort level.

This program can also be used as a springboard for more in depth nature-based learning for experienced teachers familiar with this teaching method. These lessons and activities will inspire you to dig deeper into the topics covered.