Talking About Climate: Short Plays Wanted for a Juried Competition


Talking About Climate: Short Plays Wanted for a Juried Competition

Educators, please share this exciting opportunity with your students:

Bard College's WorldWide Teach-in on Climate and Justice invites students from around the world to create provocative plays that are short (7 minutes or less), in any language, and that engage with the complexities of the climate crisis.

The Teach-in will promote the production of the winning play entries at our events around the world, followed by a discussion with student and community audiences. In addition, the authors of the top three plays in the competition will receive a $500 USD honorarium.

We seek original plays that speak to the diverse global experiences of climate change as a result of intersecting issues of geography, nationality, race, gender, social class, religion…etc.  and that shows the complexities of your characters' perspectives. Characters can include ecosystems, animals, and humans from other worlds (such as the ancestors), all of whom can add to critical insights into the impact of and solutions to climate change.

Why is talking about climate so important?

If we don’t talk about climate change, then we won’t act to stop it. People are mostly silent on climate. Climate silence = death for tens of millions of people, and millions of species of more-than-humans. We all need to get comfortable talking about climate, all the time. Plays have the power to help us do that.

To submit a play, please see the link provided. Email Tobias Hess ( with any questions!