The Story of Stuff


The Story of Stuff

BIPOC-led groups focusing on water privatization, plastic pollution, or environmental justice are encouraged to apply for The Story of Stuff Project Grassroots Grant Program. Groups with projects that are campaign-focused, community-driven, and serve communities of color can receive up to $5,000.

Grants are reviewed on a rolling basis and awarded quarterly.

The Story of Stuff Project established the Grassroots Grants Program in 2017 to support small organizations and groups organizing against water privatization and plastic pollution in the United States. Since we launched, we’ve supported nearly 100 grassroots groups with $300,000 in grants. Our 2023 goal is $100,000.

We offer these partners financial resources, media infrastructure, and strategic planning and coalition-building know-how needed to build winning campaigns. The Grassroots Grants Program is committed to equity and inclusion and prioritizes the funding of people of color, and low-income, rural and women-led organizations. 

We support projects that value local community involvement and organizing, creative interventions, strategic thinking, and both defensive “fight-back” and offensive solutions-focused projects.


I'm in Kenya interested to apply

Plastic pollution has become a global manace hence we need positive initiatives in place to change the cycle..