Natural Habitat Adventures Polar Bear Scholarship Grant


Natural Habitat Adventures Polar Bear Scholarship Grant

Polar bears walking in the Arctic//NatHab and WWF logos

Apply by June 1, 2024!

On the western edge of Hudson Bay just below the Arctic Circle, the tiny Manitoba community of Churchill attracts between 600–1,000 polar bears that migrate to the area each fall. The spectacular gathering is the largest concentration of polar bears on the planet! On this immersive nature experience, our scholarship winners will be part of our small group headed to the tundra to look for bears, with expert interpretation from Nat Hab Expedition Leaders. These accomplished guides have in-depth training as naturalists, plus access to resources from World Wildlife Fund scientists, and they are eager to share their knowledge of this regal apex predator that is a bellwether species for tracking the impacts of climate change. Scholarship winners will come away awed by encounters with these magnificent marine mammals and inspired by the exploits of polar scientists who have made crucial contributions to conservation in the Canadian North. 

The Churchill Polar Bear Scholarship contest is open to legal U.S. residents over 18 (residents of Puerto Rico and U.S. territories are not eligible). Applicants must be an environmental educator, which includes but is not limited to preschool, elementary, middle and high school teachers; college professors or faculty; outdoor educators; museum curators; nonprofit outreach specialists; and anyone working in the field of environmental education.

Thank you in advance for applying, and for all you currently do to conserve our wild world!