Youth Leaders Workshop - ICRS 2020


Youth Leaders Workshop - ICRS 2020

The Youth Leaders Workshop asks representatives of today’s youth, “What is the role of the next generation in supporting coral reef health and resilience?” This workshop presents an opportunity to engage the leaders of tomorrow in meaningful conversation around the ecological, social and economic values around coral reefs. The workshop will take a multi-faceted approach to problem-solving and address elements of good leadership and collaborative decision making to deliver realistic, achievable solutions to coral reef health.

This is an opportunity to join with a select few of the next generation to discuss options for tackling the coral reef crisis. The Youth Leaders Workshop is specifically designed to explore opportunities to improve the health of coral reefs globally, incorporating key elements of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This opportunity will enable participating students to better understand reef health issues and strategize with industry leaders and professionals in their field how they may become part of the solution in tackling the challenging future of coral reefs.


You can sign up to participate in the workshop in person or watch online. You can also join Reef Ecologic for a 10-day study abroad program in Germany associated with the meeting.

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