Workshop: Introductory Storytelling


Workshop: Introductory Storytelling


Join us for our storytelling workshop, now completely redesigned for our socially-distant lives. This introduction to science storytelling is fun, fast, and very hands-on. You’ll join us for a total of six 1-hour sessions, MWF from 12:00 to 1:00pm ET, running from December 7th through December 18th. With optional afterhours sessions from 1:00-1:30 to go into deeper exploration of stories.

What to expect:

This is our introductory-level workshop. Two experienced Story Collider trainers will give you an overview of the underlying philosophy of our style of first-person storytelling, and then support you through a series of hands-on exercises to help you find and refine your own story.

We assign episodes from our podcast archives as required listening, and spend our time learning how to become better storylisteners as well as better storytellers. By the end of the class, you will have drafted and shared your own true, personal story about science. Your inclusion in the class permits you a free ticket to our monthly online story slam, so by the end you will get the chance to share the story you’ve been working on with a group of expert judges!

Class instructors: Misha Gajewski, Katherine Wu, and Devon Kodzis

Our program:

  • December 7 - What is a story?
  • December 9 - Why does it matter?
  • December 11 - Who tells a story?
  • December 14 - What is my story about?
  • December 16 - Where’s the science in my story?
  • December 18 - How do I end my story?
  • December 18 (7pm EST) - Optional Story Slam Celebration

TL;DR - Four expert Story Collider producers/instructors will be sharing wisdom and experience with you for six 1-hr classes with optional afterclass sessions and an optional Science Story Slam to practice your skills!