Urban Environmental Education (Online Course)


Urban Environmental Education (Online Course)

Background is a photo of a forest growing from pillars rising from a body of water. There's a light blue semi-transparent overlay on top of the photo with the white Cornell University logo at the top. Below the logo is white text that reads, "Urban Environmental Education 4-week online course Oct 24–Nov 20, 2022 Sign up: civicecology.org/uee"

Cities are unique places where we meet people from different cultures, interact with urban ecosystems, and create new solutions for social and environmental problems. Cities also offer incredible opportunities for formal and nonformal environmental education in classrooms, built environments, and outdoors!

If you are an environmental educator, teacher, or volunteer in an urban area, you may wonder: How can urban environmental education promote equality and sustainability? How can we make our educational programs more effective? We invite you to take the 4-week Urban Environmental Education online course with Cornell University, which will address these and other questions (Oct. 24–Nov. 20, 2022).

The course is based on several chapters from the Urban Environmental Education Review book. You will also learn from video lectures, readings, real-life examples, and webinars. We will discuss so many useful topics—such as sense of place, climate change adaptation, urban agriculture, environmental justice, and cities as classrooms. And because hundreds of participants are taking our global online courses, you will connect and exchange ideas with so many peers. Participants who complete all assignments on time will receive a Cornell certificate.

We look forward to seeing you in this course, and learning from your experiences as well. Please visit the Civic Ecology Lab website to register for the course, and to join our global community of urban environmental educators!