Inspiring Conservation Action


Inspiring Conservation Action

In the April 2019 installment of NAAEE's monthly webinar series we heard from Nicole Ardoin (Stanford University) and Judy Braus (Executive Director, NAAEE), taking a deep dive into NAAEE's Toolkit for Engaging People in Conservation Action and discussing how to plan a conservation education program, inspire a conservation ethic, and increase the impact of behavior change efforts. 

watch the recorded webinar with captions

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Follow these links to learn more about the Tools of Engagement and Influencing Conservation Action toolkits!

eeINSPIRE: Sparking Innovation in Environmental Education

This webinar is also part of eeINSPIRE, NAAEE's new webinar series presented in partnership with the US Forest Service. This series is designed to bring new ideas and thinking to USFS conservation educators, but is open to all who want to sign up! 

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Upcoming eeINSPIRE Webinars

Future topics will include: new approaches to fostering collaborations and engaging communities, increasing civic engagement through education and service learning, becoming a natural and effective storyteller, citizen science in education, building a diverse and inclusive field, and more. 

We look forward to seeing you online, and stay tuned for updates on upcoming webinars in the series!