Environmental Justice and the Future of EE


Environmental Justice and the Future of EE

 Image of Parker McMullen Bushman in a brightly colored top, hot pink head scarf, and glasses, smiling while holding hiking poles with mountains behind her.  Text: Environmental Justice and Future of EE. January 25, 4:00–5:00 PM ET. Register at bit.ly/FutureofEE for this eeINSPIRE webinar.

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January 25, 2023 - Recorded

Watch Part II: Parker McMullen Bushman speaks with NAAEE's Bruce Young!

Want to know more about this topic? Watch the extended Q&A video interview with our January eeWEBINAR guest, Parker McMullen Bushman, and shared on eePRO. Link to YouTube recording >

How can environmental education better embrace environmental justice education to foster a critical understanding of the environment within the context of human political and social actions? Many marginalized communities experiencing environmental injustices are also those most vulnerable to the effects of the climate crisis. Environmental educators have a unique opportunity to empower communities living within impacted areas to take a stand for justice with the tools necessary to make change. Environmental educators can also educate those outside of impacted areas to stand up for global environmental justice. Parker McMullen Bushman discusses the connections between socio-cultural inequities, environmental issues, and the power of EE to make change.


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Meet Parker McMullen Bushman, Chief Operating Officer of Inclusive Journeys, and founder of Ecoinclusive Strategies. Parker is a dynamic speaker and facilitator that engages audiences in new thinking around what it means to be a diversity change-agent and create dynamic organizational change. Parker’s background in the non-profit leadership, conservation, environmental education, and outdoor recreation fields spans over 24+ years. Parker has a passion for equity and inclusion in outdoor spaces. Her interest in justice, accessibility, and equity issues developed from her personal experiences facing the unequal representation of people of color in environmental organizations and green spaces. Parker tackles these complex issues by addressing them through head-on activism and education.

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