Remember the Rainforest, Eco ed K-12 free online


Remember the Rainforest, Eco ed K-12 free online


While developing knowledge and talent for life in Space, Enterprise in Space strongly endorses the preservation, celebration and renewal of our Earth.  EIS is a non-profit education project of the National Space Society. Remember the Rainforest designs and promotes Eco education. 

EIS has joined forces with RTR to create Earth Science lessons K-12. The newly enhanced lessons redesigned on the robust EIS Academy platform are ready to launch for Earth Day and beyond. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and RTR has collected 10,000 images from the tropical forests of the 1800s. The RTR lessons are based on the Martius-Spix expedition 1817-1820.

Some say the Earth has reached the point of no return. Steven Hawking predicted the Earth will be uninhabitable in 60 years due to Global warming, overpopulation and resource depletion. So why study images of the way it used to be ? Hopefully, studying these RTR images and lessons will encourage students to become activists for the environment.

Surely, future generations who live in Space will treasure these images and lessons, and carry them in their hearts and memories wherever they go. If our future generations of Space travelers ever do find that other blue planet, they will treat it with respect knowing how the Earth used to be. Make time for Ecology lessons. They are a Green Oasis and a meaningful reward for your students any day of the week, anytime of year. Please help us build the Eco curriculum that we have just begun!  STEAM = EIS + RTR

Remember the Rainforest was reviewed and approved by the British govt. for Curriculum OnLine (COL 2008), by the Da Vinci Science Center, and by the National Wildlife Federation. RTR is a supplemental resource.