Climate Futures: Blue Hill


Climate Futures: Blue Hill

Blue Hill is a small coastal town in Maine. Isi Muñoz Segovia, a Rural Youth Organizer with JustME for JustUS, writes about "Climate Future: Community Resilience Envisioning," a community event organized by Isi Muñoz Segovia, Ezra Sussman working with Maine Youth for Climate Justice, and Tony and Anne Ferrara with Climate Action Net, a Blue Hill-based environmental organization.

The purpose of these events is to discuss how not only climate change but decision-making processes seeking solutions may impact communities in disproportionate ways.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Maine has many young people eager to realize their visions.
  • COVID impacts are long-lasting.
  • Addressing unaffordable housing is critical.
  • Understanding decision-making opportunities in local governments encourages action.
  • It's important to articulate how initiatives are rooted in climate justice to build the public's understanding of it.

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