Call for Book Chapter: Fostering an Ecological Shift through Effective Environmental Education


Call for Book Chapter: Fostering an Ecological Shift through Effective Environmental Education

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Dear Environmental Educators! 

I am happy to invite you to contribute chapters for the upcoming book Fostering an Ecological Shift Through Effective Environmental Education to be published by IGI Global.

Link for Submission

This book will explore the pivotal role of environmental education in reinforcing and expediting contemporary ecological transformation and delves into how it can facilitate a profound psychological connection to nature among both children and adults. Furthermore, this book examines the link between environmental education, heightened nature awareness, and the adoption of sustainable practices. It also investigates how holistic nature education can serve as a catalyst for a sustainable cultural shift.

Topics of interest:

  • Environmental education: Concepts and Implementation
  • The historical roots of environmental education
  • Self-actualization and the psychological connection to nature
  • Indigenous knowledge and its role in environmental education
  • Yoga and environmental education
  • Eco-spirituality within nature education (various spiritual traditions on nature education)
  • Eco-therapy and nature re-connection for personal well-being and growth
  • Forest School programs and their impact on environmental awareness
  • The role of parents in environmental education and awareness
  • Environmental education's influence on creating eco-friendly workplaces & corporate cultures
  • Models of environmental education within universities
  • Environmental education and its connection to the global youth environmental movement
  • Public education about environmental health
  • Case studies examining specific types of environmental education and their impact on ecological awareness, including forest schools, outdoor lessons in regular schools, and adult environmental education
  • Achievements and challenges of environmental education on global and national scales

Hence, I invite you to submit a chapter proposal of 300 to 500 words on or before December 3, 2023. The authors will be notified by December 17, 2023.

Please Note: As per the policies of the publisher, the chapters will be indexed in SCOPUS & WoS.

Thanks and Regards,
Tatjana Kochetkova
Associate Professor
Jindal Global Law School
O.P. Jindal Global University Sonipat
Phone: + 8930110920