Taiwan-U.S. Bilateral Workshop on Climate Education


Taiwan-U.S. Bilateral Workshop on Climate Education

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Climate change is arguably the most complex and significant long-term threat facing our planet today. The dramatic impacts of global warming are no longer a far-off concern for the future, but are now visible in the form of extreme weather events and other natural disasters, with related impacts on communities and economies in every corner of the world. One has to look no further than the daily news to see the life-threatening and costly outcomes of climate change—from the destruction and intensity of recent typhoons/hurricanes and other weather events to raging wildfires to coastal flooding and sea level rise. Other impacts are less visible but equally dangerous—ocean acidification, loss of biodiversity, threats to food production, and more.

The causes and influences of climate change are beyond borders, and therefore require internationally joint efforts to generate climate solutions.

Hosted by National Taiwan University (NTU) and Global Environmental Education Partnership (GEEP), the first Taiwan-U.S. Bilateral Workshop on Climate Education occured in two hour-long sessions on May 19 and May 27 (recorded). Thank you to all who joined us for this inaugural event!

Session 1:
Climate education at a glance between Taiwan and the U.S.
Time: May 19, 2021 9-10 PM ET RECORDED
Moderator: Prof. Hwong-Wen Ma (National Taiwan University)
Prof. Ching-Pin Tung (National Taiwan University)
Ms. Michelle Wyman (Global Council for Science and the Environment)

Session 2:
Empowering climate action through education
Time: May 27, 2021 9-10 AM ET RECORDED
Moderator: Ms. Judy Braus (NAAEE)
Prof. Shin-Cheng Yeh (National Taiwan Normal University)
Prof. Martha Monroe (University of Florida)
Ms. Jen Kretser (The Wild Center)