WOURLD nonprofit


WOURLD nonprofit

Want to help make the world a little bit better but don't quite sure know how? There's a nonprofit that has your back! WOURLD is a community where you can help with climate solutions with something as simple as planting trees. It serves as a network to learn, track your impact, and connect with other people who also want to help change our world for the better. Addressing Climate Change can be super hard, so WOURLD offers the opportunity for everyone to contribute with something that is simple and easy as a starting point. Who doesn't love trees?? Track how much carbon dioxide your tree removes from the atmosphere, and track your behaviors and add that to it as well while you learn about tree science and how trees help support our planet. Go check it out and get started at their main website here: www.itswourld.com(link is external)

This summer they developed a climate change curriculum of multiple-choice lesson plans and launched the first set on their online academy here: https://itswourld.com/wourld-academy(link is external)  

Check it out today and explore the WOURLD Academy by selecting your level from beginner, intermediate, and advanced. 

Climate Change Educators: Please check out this resource and give the creators feedback through this form! (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd5OjD3KjXKLn5EK464DVSfX-px0GzK...(link is external))  They would greatly appreciate it! Additional questions or feedback can go through me or you can contact Addie Klimek directly at aak2ex@virginia.edu(link sends e-mail).