Use a Climate Podcast in Your Classroom!


Use a Climate Podcast in Your Classroom!

On the left is the America Adapts: The Climate Change Podcast logo. Under it is blue text that says, "A changing climate presents humanity with only one option -adapt." The right side of the graphic is a 3 by 2 grid of different images showing climate impacts, like flooding, wildfires, and drought.


Fall is almost here and it’s time to think about what’s in your semester syllabus! I’m your huckleberry. America Adapts’ episodes have been used in prestigious schools like Stanford, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Cornell, UNC, Emory Law, Arizona, Texas Tech (Thanks Dr. Hayhoe!), and even Iggy the Lion at Loyola Marymount (and can be a resource for high school students too!). As you prepare your course syllabi for the upcoming academic semester, consider leveraging the rich insights offered by America Adapts. The podcast presents thought-provoking discussions with experts and practitioners actively driving climate adaptation efforts across the nation. Perfect for fostering discussions and critical thinking in the classroom. 

Students: Suggest America Adapts to your professors and showcase it as a useful (and entertaining) resource for climate-related coursework.

Climate Adaptation Topics covered:
·        Environmental Science
·        Urban Planning and Civil Engineering
·        Water Resource Management
·        Coastal and Marine Ecosystems
·        Public Health and climate change
·        Built Environment and Architecture
·        Biodiversity Conservation
·        Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management
·        Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge Systems
·        Financial and Investment Institutions
·        Government and Policy Making
·        Community-Based Organizations

If you need help tracking down relevant episodes, contact me on this web page. Thanks!