Superhero Mangroves


Superhero Mangroves

WWF's Emily Forinash

Livestream presentation and Q&A for students
Presenter: Emily Forinash, WWF Oceans
Date: September 27th
Time: 2 PM–2:45 PM ET // 11 AM–11:45 AM PT
Suggested grade level: 4–8

Mangroves are one of the world’s superhero ecosystems. These incredible trees provide a great habitat for a range of species, store tons of carbon, and protect people from hurricanes or cyclones. Despite all their benefits, mangroves are at risk of declining due to climate change and human impacts.

During this event, WWF Oceans Program Officer Emily Forinash will share about her recent visit to a mangrove restoration project site in Ambilobe, Madagascar and further explain what makes mangroves so mighty. Use the downloadable supplemental material packet for engaging warm-up and quiz questions, as well as educator resources to support the lesson.