"Oliver's Birthday and the Robin's Nest" book


"Oliver's Birthday and the Robin's Nest" book

A great book as we enter Earth Month! A story of a young boy and a robin's nest and his awareness of animals and how small changes can impact much more than we think. 

From the Author (amazon): 
"What kid doesn’t want to have an epic birthday party? Seven-year-old Oliver has always wanted an awesome party, but because his birthday is on the Fourth of July, his friends are busy celebrating America’s birthday. For his eighth birthday, Oliver’s family plans a Pirate Ship Bouncy House party for him two weeks early, so all of his friends can attend, dressed in pirate gear, of course!
But then there’s a new problem. A mommy robin builds a nest and lays her eggs tucked in the greenery on Oliver’s back deck, just inches from the spot on the driveway where the birthday Pirate Ship Bouncy House will sit. While Oliver is mad, his older sister becomes the robins’ biggest fan and teaches Oliver all about them, winning him over. After the bird babies hatch, Oliver wants to help protect the robin family. But can he still have the amazing birthday party he has dreamed about for so long?

This sweet, engaging tale for ages 5-9 tells Oliver’s story of friendship, selflessness, respecting nature, and how making a change, even an unwanted one, can lead to surprises and rewarding results."

Find the paperback on Amazon here: www.amazon.com/dp/0988609878 
Melanie Weiss is a writer who lives in Oak Park, Illinois. She has published two Young Adult novels: Crossing Lines and Spoken, which received a 2019 Readers’ Favorite Book Award for Young Adult-Social Issues. For more information or to connect, visit melanie-weiss.com.