Learning Landscapes: Outdoor Water Efficiency and Conservation Lessons


Learning Landscapes: Outdoor Water Efficiency and Conservation Lessons

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Conserving and sustainably using water, our most precious natural resource, is one of the most urgent issues facing our planet. While water crises manifest in different forms in different climates and regions, every part of our planet will be affected as the 21st century unfolds and climate change wreaks havoc on historic weather patterns and predictable precipitation. As water sources get stretched by increased demand and sporadic supply, society must approach this challenge from a variety of perspectives.

An important but often overlooked perspective is the outdoor water use required to sustain the landscapes that we create. If we choose to grow plants that are adapted for the climates in which they live, we will use less water. These lessons are designed to teach students about how climate-appropriate plants in our landscapes can help conserve water, whether at home, in school, or elsewhere.

These lessons may be used as stand-alone lessons, though they also function effectively as a cohesive unit. Each lesson emphasizes a different component of climate, water conservation, and our outdoor spaces. We have provided a variety of resources and activities that teachers may choose to use to suit the needs of their students. The activities are designed to be facilitated in whole-group, small-group, or individual formats.