The Handbook of Forgotten Skills


The Handbook of Forgotten Skills

The Handbook of Forgotten Skills US Cover

An illustrated step-by-step guide to classic fun and handy skills for a new generation

Turn the clock back to a simpler time and unlock hours of timeless fun as you discover how to:

Tie knots
Make a bird feeder
Write a thank you note
Make a pie
Build a campfire
Use a compass
Wrap a gift with brown paper and string
Sew by hand
Grow tomatoes
Fix a flat bicycle tire
Make refrigerator pickles
Sew buttons
Make lemonade
Grow and dry herbs
Mend a sock
Make natural dyes
Skip stones
Start quilting
Perform coin tricks
Make an omelet
Fold paper airplanes
Explore photography

Each chapter includes clear, illustrated step-by-step instructions as well as information about the history of that skill. For example, did you know that lemonade is credited with helping fight the plague in Paris? Or that paper airplanes became popular during World War II because traditional toys weren’t available?

With so many activities to explore, this book will be one kids turn to again and again.


Elaine Batiste has been sewing and making things for over four decades and loves to share her projects as a sewing blogger at and on sewcial media. A retired educator, she has years of experience creating activities for children and loves working with young people to help them to create their own work. She lives by the sea in one of the most exciting cities in the UK. When she’s not exploring the world with her partner, you will most likely find Batiste at her sewing machine. 

Natalie Crowley is a California-based teacher, consultant, and coach. She is the creator of the Nature Natalie blog for outdoor educators, and she enjoys getting outside with her dog and family as often as possible. Crowley is the author of Teaching Outside: 20 Quick & Easy Outdoor Education Activities for Children

Chris Duriez is a Scottish children’s illustrator and printmaker based in Cambridge. Having worked for many years as an animator and primary school teacher in the big city, he is now working toward an MA in children’s book illustration at the Cambridge School of Art.