Great start for Young Climate Authors Educator Training Program


Great start for Young Climate Authors Educator Training Program

Session of the Educator Training in Progress

The Young Climate Authors Educator Training Program from Cogitation Club is well underway.  The cohort has 20 educators from 9 countries in 3 different continents. The group is an eclectic mix of environmental and climate activists, teachers, artists and storytellers. Each one is a changemaker in their own right, with a wealth of experience in environmental and climate change activism and advocacy.  A majority of participants work with underprivileged communities in their countries. 

Participants will spend three months learning about the nature and dynamics of climate change and climate justice, creative storytelling and art, climate action and project planning. At the end, participants will implement the Young Climate Authors in their communities. We really look forward to a slew of storybooks about climate change penned by children primarily in the global south. 

The CEE-Change Fellowship from the NAAEE has not only provided the grant for this work, but the networking by the CEE Change fellows helped the program reach a wide audience.  Special shoutout to CEE Change Fellows, Richard Tusabe, Joy Munthali and Harrison Ashangwa. The Young Climate Authors program has been designed by Aneesa Jamal, founder of Cogitation Club, PhD Scholar at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia & a current CEE Change Fellow.