eeAdvocate: An Advocacy Guide for Environmental Education Professionals & Supporters is designed to help you become a better and more confident advocate for environmental education (EE) and to bring more support and funding to the field. For EE to reach its full potential, advocacy at all levels of government—local school boards, state legislatures, state and federal agencies, and federal Congressional and Senatorial outreach—is crucial. This guide is focused primarily on advocating with your federal representatives, because these legislators are particularly important to our national work to support environmental education.

Below are the key topics covered in the guide: 

  1. Introduction: Your Voice Can Create Change!
    • Key Elements of Advocacy
    • How NAAEE Will Help You Become an Effective EE Advocate
  2. Three Steps to Becoming an Effective EE Advocate
    • Step 1: Get to Know Your Representatives
    • Step 2: Create a Successful Message
    • Step 3: Thoughtfully Deliver Your Message
  3. Setting up a Legislative Meeting
    • Ensuring the Meeting is Successful
    • Following Up After Your Meeting
    • Don’t Ignore the State or District Congressional Office
  4. Using the Media to Enhance Your Advocacy
    • How to Write and Submit a Letter to the Editor
    • How to Write and Submit an Op-Ed
    • Using Social Media to Enhance Your Advocacy
  5. Four Actions You Can Take Now
  6. Additional Resources
    • How Our Laws are Made
    • Learning More about Your Representative
    • Advocacy Information from NAAEE
    • How Does the Federal Government Create a Budget?
    • Glossary of Legislative and Political Terms

Download eeAdvocate: An Advocacy Guide for Environmental Education Professionals & Supporters.