2022 Civic Season: Juneteenth–July 4th


2022 Civic Season: Juneteenth–July 4th

In addition to activities, take the Civic Superpowers Quiz, find in-person, virtual, indoor, and outdoor events, and attend the Kickoff Party on June 12 at 2:00 PM EDT. Recording will be available on Youtube after the event.

From the Civic Season website:

Made By Us is a coalition of 150+ museums, historic sites and historical societies joining forces to serve the next generation—meeting curiosity with credibility. Civic Season is one way we roll out the welcome mat for the future inheritors of the United States, putting history in their hands as a tool for informed, inspired civic participation.

Anchored by two dates that highlight the gap between our nation’s promises and practices, Civic Season is a new tradition to rewind, reflect and re-imagine our story—and it’s shaped by all who participate.