NOAA's "Picture Climate Change" Student Photo Contest


NOAA's "Picture Climate Change" Student Photo Contest

Image displays 4 example photos of climate impacts and the title of NOAA's Picture Climate Change Student Photo Contest

To enhance our understanding of the diverse ways climate change impacts people and places around the United States, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is asking students in grades 5 through 12 for photo submissions showcasing what climate change means to them. 

Winning photos will be featured next Spring (2023) on the NOAA Regional Collaboration Network website in conjunction with responses developed by NOAA's climate experts, and will possibly be displayed in various NOAA facilities around the country.

Each entry must include the following:

  • a photograph showcasing an example of climate change impacts or resilience of climate change in the United States or one of its territories; and
  • a 3–4 sentence description of the climate change or impact, from your perspective. 

Who is eligible to enter the contest?

All students in fifth (5th) through twelfth (12th) grade from all U.S. states and territories in recognized public, private, and home schools are eligible to participate. Schools, including home schools, must be in compliance with federal and state civil rights and nondiscrimination statutes. 

Students are not required to live in the state in which the picture they submit was taken in, but all photographs must have been taken in a U.S. state or territory.

The competition runs through February 15, 2023.

Learn more at NOAA’s “Picture Climate Change” Student Photo Contest


Love this!  I just shared it with my students. Hoping some of them enter the contest.