Faith, Education, and the Ecological Crisis: An Online Symposium


Faith, Education, and the Ecological Crisis: An Online Symposium

Illustration of two people looking at a lightbulb with seedlings and on the right is black text that says, "Faith, Education, and the Ecological Crisis: An Online Symposium," all surrounded by a green border

Seven years after the publication of Laudato Si', educators continue to face the challenge of integrating faith and spirituality into teaching about our present ecological crisis. How can we empower our young people to take action and become the ecological citizens of the future?

We are excited to welcome Sr. Margaret Atkins, Canoness of St Augustine and Research Fellow at Blackfriars, Oxford, as our keynote speaker at this symposium. She will be presenting her research around virtue ethics and environmental ethics in Augustinian theology to conclude our evening. Alongside presentations from numerous panelists from various disciplines, the evening is sure to be packed with insightful discussions on faith, education, and the ecological crisis.

This symposium brings together voices from across the education sector, including teachers, educators, and academics, to explore the themes of education, faith, and ecology. Join us as we share new ideas, lived experiences, and innovative research about climate education in an exciting evening of talks and presentations.