Event on Lead Poisoning at Home and Abroad


Event on Lead Poisoning at Home and Abroad

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Leaded gasoline is now history. Yet from Flint, Michigan, to Dhaka, Bangladesh—and almost everywhere in between—the silent scourge of lead poisoning is still with us. 

Join the Center for Global Development and Pure Earth for a comprehensive half-day of learning and planning for collective action to address the impact of lead poisoning in America and around the world—and eliminate it for future generations.

Globally, an estimated 800 million children have elevated levels of lead in their blood – and the risk is overwhelmingly concentrated in low- and middle-income countries. In the U.S., lead exposure persists in old paint and housing, on military bases, and from food and consumer goods imported from abroad. Children exposed to lead lose out on their full potential to learn and thrive, and adults can experience many neurological symptoms and have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

With a series of panels and interactive learning stations, participants can explore high-impact strategies for a future free of lead poisoning and celebrate local and national successes in addressing this issue. Lead novices to life-long experts are encouraged to join this event!

Lunch will be provided before the start of the program, and a reception will follow the event. 


12:30–1:15pm: Registration and lunch

1:15–2:30pm: Panel #1 - Getting the Lead Out at Home and Abroad

2:30–3:15pm: "Open House" and education stations

3:15–4:15pm: Panel #2 - Beyond Paints, Pipes, & Petrol: the Changing Face of Lead Poisoning

4:15–4:45pm: "Open House" and education stations

4:45–5:45pm: Panel #3 - Stopping It at the Source: Effective Approaches to Get the Lead Out

5:45–7:00pm: "Open House" and reception


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