Leading Beyond Green: Building the Future for K–12 Green Schools Through Regenerative Practices


Leading Beyond Green: Building the Future for K–12 Green Schools Through Regenerative Practices

The call for leaders in K–12 to amplify their climate action has never been greater.

DoorNumberOne.org Executive Director, Michèle Andrews, is co-hosting with Drew Dumsch at The Ecology School in Maine, at their beautiful River Bend Farm Campus. Special guest Bill Reed of the Regenesis Group will run the opening workshop on systems thinking and applying regeneration to our school communities. Bill is an internationally renowned author, teacher, and consultant who has been a leading thinker in regenerative practices for decades— this is a rare opportunity. 

Our invitation is to Principals, Heads of School, Faculty/Academic and Operations Leaders, Board and District Leaders—anyone leading formally or informally in the K–12 sector, from public or private/independent schools, as well as partners working with K–12 schools to support greater climate action. 

Using the experience from the first 18 months of the Climate Action Accelerator Program (CAAP), we will explore whole-school, high-impact climate action. Discussions will center around the concept of moving from taking actions that are incrementally "less bad" to human and planetary health, to a new paradigm of restorative and regenerative actions. We will introduce the resources used in the CAAP, including the Strategic Framework for High Impact Whole School Climate Action, sample Climate Action Plans, and the lessons learned from the first 20 schools working in the CAAP, many entering their third year. 

We will also learn about The Ecology School, its journey to a regenerative Campus Master Plan, and its recent experience building a 7,000-square-foot education and dining commons, and a 9,000-square-foot 144-bed dormitory to the standard of the Living Building Challenge. There will be time in the schedule for participants and school teams to share their school experiences, reflect on their learning and work together on their own plans. Throughout, we will be building a community of practice for K–12 leaders interested in collaborating to take climate action to the next level.

The Ecology School is a perfect setting for an immersive and inspiring learning experience. There will be time to enjoy hiking and paddling around the beautiful Saco River and its 100+ acres. Their campus, River Bend Farm, has a regenerative farming practice that will be in full swing. They offer a delicious farm-to-table experience for their guests.